To make this large-scale event possible we depend on help from as many volunteers as possible. Anyone who has helped in the past during such an event knows that it can be strenuous and that some tasks require a lot of energy for their accomplishment. We therefore ask that only those persons register as volunteers who have no back or other physical problems and who are accustomed to a high level of collaboration, without overexertion.
Please note that volunteers are always assigned where help is urgently needed. You will be assigned to one of several teams, each with its own team leader, for the duration of the event. Only those volunteers can participate who can arrive no later than 15:00 on Thursday, 15.09.16 at the Milarepa Retreat Center, as a meeting of the team leaders with the volunteers to get to know each other will be held in late afternoon. Additional information on this meeting will be announced here.

Volunteering is a valuable part of the spiritual path and we are looking forward to your support.


Monkey Year Teachings 2016

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