Important Registration Information:

Please read the information on this page carefully and completely before filling out your registration form.

  1. Only online registrations Registration Form on our website will be accepted.
  2. For accounting purposes we require an official registration from each guest.
  3. Telephone booking of the event and/or seating reservations is not possible.
  4. Please register well enough in advance so that a place can be reserved for you in the tent.
    Registration deadline is currently: 07 September 2016

Registration is closed
Day-Tickets are still available!

In case of urgency reach us: affenjahr-belehrungen

Seating distribution:

Seating places with mats or chairs are available. All places in the tent will be reserved in chronological order, starting from the stage and proceeding towards the rear, from the date of receipt of your registration and for booking of the complete program.
Participants booking single days will be assigned remaining free places.
If you book a place with a mat, please bring your own meditation cushion.
All empowerments and teachings will be shown on large-format screens, enabling good visibility from all places. Seating has been reserved for visitors with limited mobility and persons accompanying them. If you are a wheel-chair user, please indicate this on your registration form.

You will receive an initial confirmation upon receipt of your reservation form, with deadline details for remitting your event fees to the account of the Milarepa Retreat Center. Your seating reservation becomes binding only after your fee has been deposited in our account. After your fee has been deposited you will receive a confirmation of your final seating reservation. For reasons of security, a cash point only for day-tickets for last-minute participants will be available at registration.

Complete Program € 250,– (regular)

€ 212,– (discount)
€ 225,– (Early booking discount) until 1 June 2016
€ 191,– (discount)
Single Day € 40,– (regular)
€ 34,– (discount)

Discounts are given to retired persons, school children, university students, unemployed persons, Hartz IV recipients and disabled persons. Please bring your verification/ID with you to the event.
Financial difficulties should not be the reason for your not being able to participate in the event. Guests on low incomes and who have a long and costly journey can apply for support from a fund specially set up for the purpose.

Overnight accommodations in the Milarepa Retreat Center and external accommodations:
We can only offer a limited number of overnight accommodations in the Milarepa Retreat Center. For logistical reasons these accommodations are planned exclusively for guests who book the entire program. (For further information please click on Accommodations)

As soon as this contingent is exhausted, we ask that you directly contact the Schneverdingen” Office of Tourism”, where you will find a large number of accommodations in all price categories under the heading “Monkey Year Teachings.” We advise you to book your accommodations as early as possible, since the month of September is part of the peak vacation period in the Lüneburg Heath, and many tourists will be coming here. (For further information please click on Accommodations)

Parking at the Milarepa Retreat Center:
The limited number of parking spaces available at the Milarepa Retreat Center is for guests of the Center.

Breakfast will be available at your respective accommodations. Lunch and dinner will be offered at Milarepa Retreat Center. For further information please click here.

Shuttle Service:
We have organized a shuttle service for you with stops at the Scheverdingen train station and the overnight accommodation, both for arrivals and departures and for daily transportation to and from the event venue (mornings and evenings). In the event that the accommodations you have booked cannot be directly accessed by bus, you will have to include in your planning short distances on foot to the next meeting point.For additional information, please click here.

Registration Day:
For further information, please click Registration Day 15. September 2016.

For additional information, please click here.




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