FAQ’s for Visitors


To enable us to make your visit as pleasant as possible for you, we would like to give you some important information.

What is required for registration?
Please click here for information.

How do I get to the Milarepa Retreat Center?
Please click here for information.

Will recordings be available?
Recordings will be available. For further information please click here.

Where can I buy books?
A bookstore with a small Dharma shop will be set up in the Center. The bookstore offers interesting Buddhist literature. You can purchase Buddhist ritual objects needed for your practice in the Dharma shop. Opening hours will be announced.

Where can I eat lunch and dinner?
Lunch and dinner will be offered on each day of the event in the catering tent. For further information please click here.

Can I make photos or videos?
We ask for your understanding that, for legal reasons, neither photos nor videos nor audio recordings can be made. Professional photographers and filmmakers who have been given the commission and express authorization to make visual and audio recordings of the event will be on location. Naturally, you can take photos on the grounds during the breaks.

Do I need prayer texts?
Please bring your own Guru Yoga, Dharmapala and Phowa texts according the Drikung Kagyü Traditon as well as the booklet with the Introductory and Concluding prayers. Only a few copies of the guru yoga and dharmapala texts from the temple can be placed at your disposal. All additional texts will be distributed in the event tent.

Can I bring my pet?
Please understand that pets cannot be brought into the event tent or the catering tent. Exception is made only assistance dogs for visually impaired persons.
But you can of course take your dog for a stroll on the grounds.

Will there be interviews?
Due to the size of the event, interviews unfortunately will not be possible.

Will kataks be available?
Due to the size of the event, we ask that you bring your own kataks.

Where can I go with my child if I have to leave the event tent with her/him, if for instance, s/he becomes restless?
For information please click here.


Registration Day
For further information regarding your registration, please click  
Registration Day 15. September 2016


Will there be live streaming?
For information please click here.

What should I do about my cell phone during the event?

Please shut off your cell phone in the event tent, or set it on “mute” and activate the flight mode.


Is there a Shuttle-Service?
For information please click here.


What should I bear in mind when entering the event tent?
Please come promptly to all teachings and have your admission ticket ready. All seats are numbered. The ushers will help you find your reserved seating. Switching to another place is not possible. Entering the tent with shoes is not permitted. You will be given a bag for your shoes at the tent entrance, which you should ideally bring with you each day, the environment will thank you! Please also bring warm socks.

Are there commitments (Samayas)?
It is always of great benefit to recite the mantra of the deity that we receive in an empowerment as much as possible. However, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche always emphasizes that the essence of all samayas, which encompasses all samayas (including mantra recitations), is love and compassion (bodhicitta).

When does the daily program start?
The time-table will be soon announced.

When does the program end on 24 September 2016?
The program will end approx. at 4:30 pm (subject to alterations)  

The organizer reserves the right to change every part of the program, in case of need anytime.


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