Children are most welcome at the Monkey Year Teachings. It is a great blessing for them, and coming into contact with the Dharma at an early age and receiving the blessing of our High Lamas is an especially auspicious circumstance.

However, we are also aware that it is often difficult for children to sit still for long stretches of time and listen to teachings. We therefore ask all mothers and fathers to leave the temple without being asked as soon as their children become restless or loud. Only in this way can we guarantee that all the other participants can follow the teachings undisturbed. When your children have quieted down after a while, you can of course return with them.

We have prepared a “playground” where you can spend time with your children and play with them. But please note that as a parent, you alone are responsible for supervising your children on the entire event grounds, including the “playground.”


Monkey Year Teachings 2016

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