Guests staying at the Milarepa Retreat Center can breakfast at the center.

Lunch and dinner:
The Milarepa Center offers guests the following food and drink in a catering tent daily:

  1. Vegetarian lunch with regional products: € 11,–
  2. Dinner with a vegetarian soup, bread/cheese and seasonal crudités: € 7, –
  3. Vegan Lunch Snacks (for those lesser hunger pangs): € 5,-

You can order lunch, dinner and snacks together with your registration. You will then receive meal vouchers/coupons for your orders that you later redeem at the entrance to the catering tent.

Please note:
There will be no opportunity to purchase meal vouchers/coupons on the spur of the moment.
Registrations for lunch must all be made in advance. It will be possible, although not to an unlimited extent, to purchase dinner and snack vouchers/coupons.

Admission to the catering tent without meal vouchers/coupons is unfortunately not possible. Please bear in mind that all meal orders must be precisely calculated: we are mindful to avoid food wastage out of concern and respect for the environment.

Please also understand that, due to the large number of participants, we cannot offer any special diets or vegan food. Schneverdingen offers a wide variety of restaurants, including two pizzerias. By car or taxi only 15 minutes.


For additional information:
Schneverdingen Touristik
Tel.: (0049) +5193 93 810
Fax: (0049) +5193 93 890


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